$25 Specialty Classes

All Aerial and Pole Classes:

Pole Fitness - Level 1 /Basic
Pole Fitness - Level 2 /Intermediate
Aerial Fit Silks - Level 1 /Basic
Aerial Fit Silks - Level 2/Advanced
Sexy Pole Tricks & Transitions
Pole Fitness - Level 3 /Advanced
Aerial Hoop
Exotic Pole Dance

$15  Regular Classes

All Grounded 
and Off the Pole Classes:

Booty & Abs
Stretch & Flex
Pole Prep - Abs & Stretch
Ballet Barre Fit
X-tream Abs & Hammock Stretch
Booty Dance / Twerking
Belly Dance
Chair Dance
$15  Play Practice Session

For Current Students Only.
Open Time Practice:

Pole Play Practice (Studio Room 1)
Aerial Play Practice (Studio Room 2)

We Offer Variety  of Pricing Options Including Single Class Payments, Packages, Auto Pay Rollover Contracts and Unlimited Access Membership. 
We Accept Cash, Cards and Online Payments. 

​If You Are A Current Member or Package Holder
Your Credits Will Be Transferred to Your Account Within a Couple Days After Your Registration.  

Single Class Payment
A one-off payment for a class or practice time session. You can use this type of payment on any of the classes on the timetable.
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​Packages are available to all students. 
Any 4 classes that you choose
Valid for 6 months
Any 10 classes that you choose
Valid for 6 months
4 Regular (non-aerial) classes 
Valid for 6 months
Any 5 classes that you choose  
Valid for 1 month

Contracts and Memberships
Auto Pay Month-to-month Rollover Contract.
How it works:
Every month you will get a set number of classes in your account. Member can use the credits for any class in their fitness level or lower. If you're unable to attend & use up the credits then any unused credits will rollover into the following month. Credits will expire in 3 month after adding to your account.

Private Lessons
A workout customized for you & your goals. No membership or contracts required.
$50 / hour
Also available as a private lesson for a group. Contact Stiletto Fitness for more info.

Private Party
$180 / hour
Includes a Private Pole Lesson, Free Shoes Rental and a Bottle of Chilled Champagne! 

Available to All New and Existing students (limit of 1 per person).
Can be used to book into any classes. Valid for 3 months after the sale date.